Friday, 14 September 2012

The Asylum Interviews, Trixie: Jocelynn Drake

Gage's ex-girlfriend is back in town and needs help escaping a master vampire. While not the easiest of tasks, he certainly didn't count of getting help from a mysterious woman with a few secrets of her own.

I don't know who gets to make the cover art decisions in these situations, but, a Katie Price-esque pout really does nothing for this one. I can't imagine what they were thinking. However much they get paid, it's too much.

Hideous cover aside, it's not a bad little story. Over sexed and over simplified, but in essence it's a decent concept with some really nice touches. This is the exactly kind of Urban Fantasy I would LOVE to see with all the ridiculous sex stripped out and the actual Fantasy element taken seriously. The ideas of Race and Magic here are great, the characters are engaging, but it just reads like someone has said "put more sex in it, and dumb down the plot more". To me, at least.

The cover...seriously I've got to come back to it. Does no one think that guys would like to read about a magical tattoo parlour in Low Town? With Warlocks and Vamps and Trolls? Because that cover will score a 100% hit rate for making them snark merrily and wander off to the 'B for Butcher" section for the Fantasy aisle. Hell, I only read it because it was in e-book form.

Conceptually, it's fun, but the sex and simplicity make it hard to take seriously. I can't see the hardcore UF crowd getting down with this. Teenage girls will no doubt adore it. 

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