Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dead Until Dark: Charlaine Harris

"Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out.... Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea."

I'm beyond fashionably late to this party, I know, but the hype put me off this series to an extent. I just finished the opener tonight, and it was fun.

Harris has an easy, engaging style, and Dead Until Dark is a fast read. Won't take you more than a couple of hours. The murder mystery aspect is nothing to write home about, but the world building is decent and the characterisation is key. Sookie is far too innocent and naive, Bill is far too gentlemanly and protective, but together they kind of work.

Personally what I would love to read about is all the vamp action that precedes this one. How did they end up being accepted into society? who came up with the whole virus thing and sold it? I'd love to know more about the politics and influences behind the world Harris describes. I'd much rather have read about this than about Sookie spring cleaning and wondering if vampires can get erections.

Obviously, Harris gets massive bonus points for the whole Bubba angle. Genius.

Part fluffy romance, part dark underworld. I'd have liked the balance to tip heavier towards the underworld, but I enjoyed it all the same. 

Would I read the next in the series? Yeps, I have the next two on my shelf. The ending to this one felt hurried and incomplete, so I'm looking forward to finding out more in the second book.

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